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The History of Gambling and the Casino

We donít know for sure when gambling started exactly, although it is widely accepted to have started in China around 2300BC. This is because there have been written records of gambling since then. However, almost every culture has a tale associated with gambling and often claims that it was them who invented the very first casino. The Ancient Greeks have some records of gambling, as do the Romans. However, so the French and even the English, claiming it to have stemmed in the Elizabethan era (we know for sure gambling was around well before then!). There are some tales to suggest that all Roman children would be taught how to throw dice and how to gamble.

What we do know is that card games were invented in France. The first deck of card stems from 1387. However, these werenít printed decks. The very first deck that was actually printed was German. Johann Gutenberg was responsible for this, which took place in 1440.

The stories associated with gambling and casinos are long and interesting. However, what we do know is that modern casinos as we know them today are based on the very first official luxury casino, which was opened in Monte Carlo. To this day, all casinos are based on the design concept of this particular one.

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