Macau Revenues Dented Again

Macau is known throughout the world for being one of the most popular locations for gamblers to visit, right up there on the bucket list along with Las Vegas, but it’s going through a period where it just can’t get a break financially as it announced a drop in revenue yet again.

The Chinese territory, which overtook Vegas the casino-lover’s haven, revealed that revenues were down for the sixth time this year, and for the fifth successive month across the 35 casinos. The announcement, which was revealed to the media and picked up by specialist gambling and online gaming websites like Two Big Ladies, stated that revenues fell by 20% in November compared to the same time last year, a significant blow for any business in any industry let alone the gambling world.

The only city in China where casinos are permitted by law, Macau did have a positive report which, as often happens when a significant financial loss is made, was overlooked; and that was that the drop in revenues was a smaller one than in October, (23%).

The Chinese government has recently implemented new anti-corruption policies which some believe may have had an effect on the drop in revenues, but other experts believe that it may be down to the global financial crisis.

People no longer have the funds available to risk spending in casinos and betting, and instead of making the trip to bucket-list venues like Macau and Atlantic City in the United States - another location struggling to attract players and their money with four closures in 2014 alone - players are either getting involved in online casinos and bingo or saving their money.

Whatever the actual reason behind the drop in profits, it’s over to the casino owners around the world to come up with new ideas to entice people to come back through the doors. The Internet and mobile devices have changed the way people bet, letting them do so quickly and easily - and in a sporting sense, during the action - and casinos are comparatively living in the dark ages with the same old methods. They need to think outside the box and react to meet the trends of 2014 and beyond.




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