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Pai Gow is played with a full deck of 52 cards and a joker card. Each player is dealt seven cards that are split into two hands dealt . A player has to overcome on the Banker's hand . Normally, a player acts as the bank , although some casinos do not offer this option .

The game

The growing popularity of online casinos is a welcome sign for low-limit players Pai Gow . Previously, Pai Gow games cost at least $ 10 to $ 12 and also were quite hard. Thanks to the internet you can easily find $ 5 games online Pai Gow .

Once all players place their bets , the dealer shuffles the cards and deals seven cards per player. , This game is , however, different blackjack used all take . The dealer , in the empty places where there are no players remaining cards . This is a part of the game . The coming and going of players so no matter , Pai Gow Unlike blackjack.

After the hands are dealt and the player has already decided that the Bank , each player looks at his hand. The seven cards into two hands , where the first of a five-card hand formed and to be the hands of the best player . The two cards left to make up " second highest " a player's hand .

Finally, you must remember that your five- card hand must be higher , otherwise hand will be forced to give their money , for example, if a player has a pair of aces and lays two cards in your hand , and then presents a pair of 2 on five cards that will find lost your money.

The strategy part is deciding whether to go with two pairs as the highest hand and nothing to show for the second highest hand or to separate them. However, this article is on how to focus Pai Gow Poker , instead of playing their strategies.

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