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Outrageous dream purchases for the super-rich

We have all daydreamed about what we would buy if we suddenly came into a pot of money. A new car, a bigger house or a wardrobe packed full of designer clothes? Perhaps a cruise to visit some of the world’s most beautiful sights such as South Africa’s Durban city? You could even buy your very own private paradise island only reachable via your own personal yacht. But once you’ve bought these few essentials, what are you supposed to do with the rest of your cash? 

Gadget heaven

If money is no object then there are some truly mind-blowing pieces of technology to invest in. Your own personal submarine might be fun but an amphibious truck is probably a slightly more practical option. A flying car or hovercraft that actually hovers are just a few million away. Music lovers will enjoy some 18-carat gold speakers whilst a home cinema is simply a must-have. Home automation might sound like something from a sci-fi comic but techno-toilets are the latest appliance to turn state-of-the-art, so when you play the lottery next, think about how fabulous your future home could be. 

Food for thought

Indulging in exotic foods is a deliciously frivolous way to spend some of that extra money. Wagyu beef is one of the most costly cuts of meat in the world and the prized Kobe variety comes from some truly pampered beasts. Massaged by hand and fed beer for maximum tenderness and flavour, even quite a small joint will set you back a fair bit. Kummel and cognac combined with orange curacao and angostura bitters might sound like a small indulgent treat, but when made using the rarest of ingredients the result is Salvatore’s Legacy, a cocktail that’s several thousand dollar price tag is pretty hard to swallow. Artisan chocolate is always a treat but the world’s largest handmade chocolate egg, weighing an incredible 50 kilos, will last you well past Easter. This seems like a positive bargain compared to the now-famous dish of Strawberries Arnaud served at Arnaud’s Restaurant in New Orleans. Complete with 7 carat pink diamond, this pretty simple dish of strawberries, red wine, spices and ice cream will set you back a staggering $3.95 million. 

Weird and wonderful

We are a long way from living on the moon but that doesn’t mean you can’t play spaceman as tickets are already available for the first commercial flights into orbit. $143,000 might sound like a lot to pay for a piece of paper, but that’s how much a rare poster from the 1931 Dracula film recently sold for at auction two years ago. However, that seems almost sensible compared to one of the most astounding purchases to hit the headlines lately. A Chinese property developer recently paid almost $2million for a rare Tibetan mastiff making this the world’s most expensive dog. 

From the most luxurious foods to the most cutting-edge gadgetry, there’s no end to the weird and wonderful spending habits of the super-rich.

Prefer to spend more conventionally?

If extravagance isn’t your thing, then a more conventional route (while still rather luxurious it’s worth adding) you may go down is to quit your job, buy a one way ticket for you and your family to travel around the world, only to return to your newly purchased dream house once you’re done with your adventure. The possibilities are endless! One man who did something similar to this was a French EuroMillions winner who took home an impressive €65 million in January earlier this year. The full story can be found by visiting:

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