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The Three Key Traits Every Poker Competitor should Have

Poker may largely be a game of chance, but every professional poker player – whether it’s live or online – will confirm that there’s a lot more to it - it’s really a game of skill. It’s a game of knowing how to play the game given the cards that you are dealt. It’s about looking confident when you are not, about knowing when to be aggressive and when to be subdued, about knowing what the cards tell you, and about understanding the odds. So what does it take to become a successful online poker player? Here are the three key traits every poker competitor should have:

  1. Intelligence

With intelligence, we don’t necessarily mean IQ – although, of course, that may play a part. What we mean is intelligence of the game; a thorough understanding of the rules, a cognition of how others may play the game, and, most importantly, a comprehension of what your – and the opponent’s – options are. It’ll help you bluff and recognise bluff, and it will help you understand what’s going on. It’s about thinking fast and clearly.

  1. Discipline


Many brilliant players fail because they don’t have this: discipline. The discipline we are talking about is the ability to stick to the game-plan, the ability to stay on course even if your emotions are screaming to go left or to go right. Poker is a game that should be played technically, which means you should have a strategy and the discipline to stick to that strategy. Just because things are going your way doesn’t mean you can play for higher stakes; similarly, just because you have had a few bad hands doesn’t mean your strategy is not working. Only time will tell. Have discipline.

  1. Confidence


Confidence isn’t about how good you feel when talking to the opposite sex – it’s about making a decision and feeling good about it. Be bold. Consider carefully, but once you make a decision, you stick with it.

It may seem a little strange that we categories the above three traits a good poker player should have; after all, not all of us are blessed with intelligence, discipline, and confidence. But that’s okay – there’s even a better way to explain exactly what you need: emotional stability. Perhaps that is the most important of all. People with emotional stability show wisdom, know how to wait, know when to fold and know when to be aggressive – and they have the confidence to play their own game. Online poker is guaranteed to give you a thrilling adventure. Whether you win or lose is not so much in the cards or up to the other players; it’s in your own attitude and behaviour towards the game – it’s how you play poker – and make the game your own.

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